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Welcome to JD Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio in the coastal hills of Encinitas. What makes JD Pilates different than the rest? Besides all the amenities you might find in an upscale studio, we offer the privacy of competitively priced individual or duet sessions, the security of a gated driveway, and the personalized attention of an instructor who is STOTT certified to analyze your body, listen to your fitness goals, and customize a workout regimen that makes sense for your lifestyle.
Pilates develops long lean bodies through strength, balance, flexibility, and mind-body connection training.
Through personalized nutritional counseling you will feel better, lose fat quicker, and have more energy.
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Hi Jocelyn,
I just wanted to say several things that I really appreciate about your Personal Pilates Training. First, I really appreciate your conviction to understand what my physical issues/problems were and to structure exercises specific to my needs. Second, I appreciate the knowledge you have of both the human body and Pilates exercises and lastly I appreciate the enthusiasm you bring to each session. Thank you so much for your help.

- Scott Penwarden -
Two years ago I was considering a knee replacement because of pain and limited mobility. Thanks to Jocelyn’s carefully constructed whole body strengthening and stretching programs, I now have almost no daily pain in my knee and I am beating most of my Fitbit friends with over 100k steps weekly. She is very encouraging and positive, while maintaining rigorous standards and attention to detail. The sessions move at a fast pace, are often varied on apparatus and areas of the body targeted depending on what she perceives to be the body’s issue of the day, and she pushes you to extend your limits. Jocelyn is an important part of my lifetime fitness plans and I encourage you to give her a try.

- Bill G. – Encinitas, CA – 50+ -
I've been an athlete my entire life, playing soccer and softball etc. but after two kids I knew I needed something more than your average "gym class" to get back into shape. Thanks to Jocelyn at JD Pilates I feel fit and more-in-shape than ever before. Jocelyn really knows how to build balance, flexibility, and strength and does so with such passion and ease. I couldn't be more thankful for her, and her training! Thanks again Jocelyn for introducing me to Pilates; you've got me for life!

- Kate Nelson, Leucadia, CA -
Ok, I just want to tell you how amazing you are! My body feels so sore, but in a way I've never worked my muscles and I know whatever is going to happen is going to be good.
- Vada, Pre-natal Pilates -